10 String Steel Guitar Pick-Ups

10 String Steel Guitar Pick-Ups

Item# 200231
E-66: 17.5 Ohms The E-66 was designed by George L. Lewis for Buddy Emmons to give that 1966 sound that made him famous!

EON: 17.5 Ohms The EON is similar to the E-66 but with a different blade adding warmth.

TW: 18.6 Ohms Tommy White, a Nashville premier session artist and Grand Ole Opry staff steel player has mastered his innovative sound in this pickup.

PF-I: 18.6 Ohms The sound that Paul Franklin, Jr. demands being a top session artist in Nashville.

SS: 19.5 Ohms The SS is similar to the 10-1, but with a special blade adding a bit more bite!

10-1: 19.5 Ohms The sound of Jimmy Day never rang truer than in this pickup. It works great on any steel! Warm highs and full bottom!

PF-II: 20 Ohms An outstanding full-bodied pickup!
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