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Guitar World, 12/04 - High-Wire Acts

Ever since George Lewis invented the high-end guitar cable, his George L’s products
have been the choice of famously particular players, including Eric Johnson… Players
can cut the cable to their exact requirements and attach any of three rock-solid plug
varieties in under a minute. Non-plated brass plugs deliver the most organic and
balanced tone. The gold plated plugs provide some bloom and midrange harmonic
brilliance in the mids, while the nickel-plated connectors produce maximum treble
attack and presence.

While these plug choices alter the nuances of tone, the cable’s basic sound remains
the same-an upper mid accent that matches the guitar’s natural voice, with rattlesnake-
quick transients that place no limits on speed or articulation. What more could you
want? – Excerpt by Eric Kirkland
Guitar World, 03/99 - Good Pluggin’

Despite the skinny profile, the George L’s cable produced a big, full sound with a
pronounced midrange. George L’s cable have won the approval of tone connoisseur
Eric Johnson, and if you’re trying to attain a warm, rich, violin-like lead tone like his, you
should give these cables a try. – Excerpt by Chris Gill
Guitar Buyer, 12/04 – George L’s in UK, No Solder, High Quality

A lot of the problems relating to guitar cables can be solved by making your own.
However, most of the hassle of making your own can be avoided by using George L’s

It’s all based around a range of Solderless Plugs that come in various varieties…
Combine these with high-quality cable available in different lengths right up to giant
bulk spools and you’ll never be without the right cable again.
Guitar Player, 09/97 -  Spanning the Tone Gap, A Guitar Cable Shootout

Bean spill. Rather than make you wade through all this to find out what we thought was
the best-sounding cable, let’s just say that nothing beat the 20’ George L’s. With its
capacitance measuring an incredibly low 418pf (the highest was 1,150pf), this
transparent-sounding cord was lively, immediate and totally revealing of every guitar we
used. It was also very quiet… If a connection goes bad (the ultimate fate of all cables),
all you do is cut the damaged section… and you’re back in action. The George L’s
system takes the drudgery out of wiring a rack or pedal board, but the big payoff is how
it clarifies your sound. – Excerpt by Art Thompson
Bass Player, 12/99 - The Bucks Stop Here! The Year’s Best Bass Bargains

With George L’s Cables you can easily assemble exactly the lengths you need
for studio patches, effect-board, and other connections and other situations in
which the cable won’t move around much. Not only are George L’s cheap,
their simple assembly saves you time. – Excerpt by Bass Player Staff
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