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Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
"Revolutionary", "multifaceted", "transcendent", these words have all been used
in attempts to define Grammy-winner Eric Johnson. They touch on that part of his
talent that makes him so valuable to us as an artist, the ever-unfolding aspect of
his nature that causes each one of his albums to be eagerly anticipated by
musicians and the public alike. – Susan Griswold - Photo courtesy of Park Street, used with permission

Johnny A.
Wresting colors and emotions from those six strings, Johnny A. is as much a
master as he is the eternal student - with a formidable talent, but a desire to
learn that is just as strong. – Carter Alan. – used with permission

Neil Zaza
“(George L’s) sounds great and is very cool in the respect that there is no
soldering required to change lengths. All you do is cut the cable, insert it into the
sleeve, and twist. That’s it!  I highly recommend this product.” – Neil Zaza – used with permission

Rob Balducci
"Nothing comes between my guitar and amp but George L’s Cables. The
connection to tone." – used with permission
Johnny A.
Neil Zaza
Rob Balducci
Aljon Go - The Everafters, Mink
Andy Aquino - Mink
Anthony Joyner - Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw
Brad Fernquist - Michelle Branch
Buddy Emmons
Dan Spitz - Anthrax
Dave Hoon - The Everafters
Eric Mantel
Fabian - Mona for Now
Finding Core
Gabriel McNair - No Doubt
Henry Go - The Del Giovanni Clique, Mink
Jacob Earls - Wide Range
Jim Lapino - Electro Voice Clinician
Joey O. - The Everafters
John Hughey
Josh Baker - The Beauty School Dropouts
Mick Radford
Paul Crook - Meatloaf
Reel Big Fish
Steve Brown - 40ft. Ringo
Steve Henderlong - 39 Stripes
The Blue Man Group
Tomas Nordig - Steve Vai
Tommy Simpson - Shania Twain, Janet Jackson, Madonna
Tommy White
Anthony Joyner
Henry Go
Joey O.
Gabriel McNair
Paul Crook
Dave Hoon
Eric Mantel
Aljon Go
All names listed use George L’s Musical Products as reported to us and in no way constitute an official or unofficial endorsement.